Cow-share Indiana

UPDATE March 10, 2015: Our operations are officially closed. Thank you all for your support throughout the past few years! ~Mark & Nora Apple


UPDATE January 2, 2015: Please keep us in prayer as we navigate through our decisions about what to do with the cattle and the farm. In the mean time…we still have milk, and grassfed beef, and pastured eggs!  Happy New Year! ~Mark & Nora


December 8, 2014

Dear Friends,

We regretfully have sad news to pass along: our venture here on the farm has come to an end. There are many circumstances that have led to this, and they all are playing out in a way that is bringing this to a completion likely by the middle of December 2014. It has been heading this way for a few months, but I have put off in publicly announcing this until now because of the deep down hope that things would somehow work out. We apologize for the abruptness due to putting off this announcement.

On one hand, we have been so blessed to have continued this long. We have operated for the past few years with more liabilities than assets, and have somehow survived. We’ve been the recipients of many blessings, miracles, and encouragement from a few families that have acted more as underwriters than customers. We believed that we could climb out of the financial hole I found myself in several years ago, but things haven’t turned out as hoped, and in the necessary time-frame. With continual tax increases and as equipment replacements and upgrades are beyond reach, we do not have the capital to wait until the ship is righted. Operating this long on a shoe-string budget is nothing less than God’s miracle of provision, for which we give Him all the praise.

This venture has been extremely fulfilling, and we have considered this more of a ministry than a job or vocation. Our prayer has been that everyone that has come to the farm has been blessed, not only with nutrient-rich food for your bodies, but even more that you sensed the presence of God. Our desire is that you know that, whatever you will ever go through, that God loves you personally and has a specific plan for your life that is beyond your hopes and dreams. He will walk with you in all circumstances and give you the peace that is beyond all understanding. We believed this was a high calling as we realized that when God created everything, He said it is good. We as a society have messed up our food system; it became so obvious that the way back to restoring our health is to get back as close to creation and the systems our Creator developed for our benefit.

One of the things that often kept us pressing on in the past was the many testimonials of the great benefits of real milk that many of you have shared. Once set free from many ailments, we did not want to leave you without a way to obtain milk. But, now there are other options available to you. The Swiss Connection is the only farm that we are personally familiar with and strongly endorse Alan, Mary, Kate, & staff. They are seasonal. You can find raw milk info at, Indiana Real Milk Finder, or Eatwild Indiana Locator.

Although the store has been successful, Nora will be unable to continue without the beef production, a by-product of the dairy, as the two are interdependent. We encourage you to continue supporting a couple of our preferred local farms, products we have carried, Tyner Pond Farm and Hidden Pond Farm.

We have appreciated each and every one of you and pray for continued endorsement for foods that are natural, foods that heal, and foods that are real.


Mark & Nora Apple

Hello Baby Moo-Cow!

Apple Family Farm

6 thoughts on “Cow-share Indiana”

  1. Tim and Susan said:

    Hi Mark – it sounds like its too late – but we would have been more then happy to make a donation to keep the farm open – you’re a great person, wish you the best – let us know how we can help.

  2. Cara Kurtz said:

    I am so extremely sad to hear this! I know you guys have a heart for the Lord and your customers. It’s been an absolute pleasure talking with you guys in the farm store and enjoying your awesome products!

  3. Katina Downey said:

    Mark & Nora,

    Wow, it is with a heavy heart I read this today. Your dedication and self-sacrificing service has blessed so many families. We are so sad to think we won’t be running out to the farm anymore. It has been a part of my girls’ lives from their very beginning! My oldest has become a “milk snob” and will only drink your farm milk!

    My family will be praying for yours and the path God had put before you. “May He bless you and Keep you, may His face shine upon you…”

    In Him,

    The Downey family

  4. Barbara Davis said:

    We too are very sad about this. thanks to you , and the cows, for the wonderful experience and for all your hard work and giving, giving, giving that you did. You are in our prayers and have our heartfelt gratitude. Thank you and God bless you.
    Barbara Davis and Paul Wilson

  5. Brenda Cantwell said:

    Mark and Nora, I am also sad to read your news. I have loved the milk you have provided for our family for years. From it I made wonderful baby formula for our youngest adopted son and everyone thought he was a breast fed baby because he was so bright skinned and chubby! Even through the years when we couldn’t always be faithful due to allergies that would come and go, you were always faithful to so many. May God bless your future.
    Thank you for your perseverance,
    The Cantwells

  6. I am deeply saddened. What is happening to our precious farms and our God given country? You are in my heart and in my prayers. Barbara Edwards

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