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We have been blessed with some very good friends who are helping us turn our garage into a “real” market. They are donating their time, as well as some of the materials. When they are complete, we will post pictures of their work…and it is fabulous!

Market Renovations 072613

This last month has been challenging for Spring Valley Farm, where Moses raises the chickens that provide our wonderful eggs. A couple of varmints snuck onto the field where they are pastured and took out a few, thereby traumatizing the remainder of the flock. I believe I would be traumatized as well! After quite a bit of reinforcements to the pasture, they have finally settled down and are producing again.

Our homeschooled families who were raising the chickens here at our farm ended their project in February. The flock, along with the turkeys and goats, are happily relocated at Piney Acres Farm. You will have to stop by and say hello! Our cows are bored without their humorous squawking as they were quite entertaining!

The hay production is going well again this year! We are not through July, and have August to go, but we have had two good cuttings so far! God has blessed us!

We hope you have a safe and healthy rest of the summer!


Mark & Nora Apple