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Another winter has come and gone…and for the first time ever, we did not have to buy hay! This is a miracle considering last summer we had a drought and what seemed like the longest winter in memory. All thanks to the Lord, our provider, and the Franks family, who managed the hay production. The cows are healthy, happy, and producing an abundance of milk!

Our farm has faced a number of challenges this past year. Rather than go into great detail here, we wrote a blog under a new tab above labeled Involuntary Farm Annexation. The blog is quite long as to explain the whole ordeal is very extensive and we tried to include as much information as possible in one place.

We thank everyone for their support of our farm, and all local farms. Please do not hesitate to contact your local representatives and hold them accountable for their governing actions. If you live in the Fortville, Indiana area, feel free to contact the town leaders and let them know the damage they are inflicting on the heartland of America. Their contact info can be found here: Fortville Indiana Elected Officials

Blessings to all,

Mark & Nora Apple

Spring 2013 Silos