Farm Market on the Apple Family Farm

“And God said, “Behold, I have given you every plant yielding seed that is on the face of all the earth, and every tree with seed in its fruit. You shall have them for food.” Genesis 1:29

Come visit the Apple Family Farm where you can experience an on-the-farm market, managed by Nana Apple, featuring Indiana home-grown products and natural healthy foods.

We are located at 3365 W State Rd 234, McCordsville, IN 46055.

Our hours are: Monday – Saturday 8:00 AM to Dusk – Closed Sundays.

Closed all major holidays: Christmas Day, Thanksgiving Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Veterans Day


We do not ship products. We encourage buying local. We do not bill for market purchases.

Check out the products we carry from local farmers:

*All meat we carry at our farm market is raised locally.

*100% GRASSFED BEEF from the Apple Family Farm. We do not use pharmaceuticals, chemicals, antibiotics, or hormones. Our beef is processed by This Old Farm Processing in Colfax, IN, which specializes in the humane treatment of grassfed animals.

*For a PDF of our current beef PRICE list, click here: Apple Family Farm Beef Price List

*We offer ground beef at $6.50 lb; or in bulk at $6.00 lb for 30 lb box ($180.00); packaged individually in one pound packages. We do not sell halves, sides, or quarters. *Other cuts vary in price and only when available.

*As Grassfed beef cooks differently than Grain-fed beef, check out: American Grassfed Beef Tips for cooking grassfed beef!

*Wellness Momma has a great recipe for grassfed brisket here: Wellness Mama’s easy slowcooked beef brisket recipe

Caged vs. free-range vs. pastured poultry… Caged and free-range chickens do not have adequate access to grass. Chickens take a percentage of their diet from pasture. They are efficient omnivores requiring a varied diet. Studies show pastured eggs contained one-third less cholesterol and one-quarter less saturated fat, in addition to higher levels of vitamin A, beta-carotene, vitamin E and omega-3 fatty acids. Pastured poultry is also better for the environment, boosting the soil and helping to control pests. Pastured chickens are allowed to roam the pasture, eating a diet of grass, weed seeds, insects and worms, in addition to supplemental grain mixtures, the diet for which poultry were created.

*FARM EGGS from Spring Valley Farms, a local farm which uses a pasture based model and supplements with Non-GMO grains. Their hens live in mobile hen houses through the grass season, moving steadily across the fields. The eggs have a beautiful orange color and firm upright yolks, a sign of a quality egg. Spring Valley Farm eggs are $4.50 doz.

**Prices for Whole Chickens $4.50 lb ~ Chicken Breasts $9.75 lb ~ Leg Quarters $5.50 ~ Legs/Thighs $5.00 lb ~ (Buffalo) Wings $4.50 ~ Drumsticks $4.00 lb ~ Whole Chicken Frames (for stock/broth) $5.00 each ~  **Cuts only as available.

*PASTURED CHICKENS from local Tyner Pond Farm. They raise chickens by the Joel Salatin method, pastured with Chicken-mobiles that move around the fields behind their Grass Fed beef cattle. Their chickens eat a diet of grass, weed seeds, insects and worms. Locally located in Greenfield, IN, their animals are raised without the use of chemical nitrates and nitrites, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, antibiotics, or hormones. Processed USDA inspected.

*FERMENTS from Hidden Pond Farm – we carry their organic healthy, tradition-crafted raw lacto-fermented Sauerkrauts & KimChi @ $11.00, Beet Kvass @ $6.00, and Kombucha @ $5.00. We also carry their fermented Ketchup @ $10.00, and BBQ Sauce @ 10.50.

Popcorn is America’s favorite snack, an alternative to high fat, high sodium snack food. Non-organic popcorn is on FDA’s list of top ten foods for toxic pesticide and chemical contaminates. Organic agriculture cleanses the environment. We love popping our popcorn with our old-fashioned popper in Wilderness Family Naturals Organic Coconut Oil, and topped with Kerrygold butter and Celtic Sea Salt!

*ORGANIC POPCORN, RED & BLACK BEANS, HEIRLOOM CORN MEAL, etc. (as available) from Fields of Agape, LLC, an Organic grain, seed, and bean cooperative located in Carthage, Indiana. All of their processes are certified Organic by ICO, LLC. They have been growing flax for seed and fiber as well as grains that include hard red wheat and buckwheat, and expanded their fields to include protein rich legumes such as Non-GMO food grade soybeans, black beans, pinto beans, cranberry beans, etc. All Fields of Agape products are $5.00 in quart jars.

**We also carry Elderberries when in season from Oak Ridge Farm, a local organic farm. The benefits of black elderberry extract have been known for thousands of years. The widespread use of this natural remedy has led to a number of studies into its health benefits. Their medicinal use was documented as far back as the fifth century when it was used as an all-round health tonic and an effective remedy against colds and flu. Recent studies show that patients given black elderberry extract recovered very quickly, typically within two or three days, compared to almost a week for those not taking the remedy. The remedy can be used to bring on sweats, so fevers are quickly flushed out of the system. The high vitamin content and flavonoids make it a natural antioxidant, thus boosting the body’s immune system. Other components include a natural anti-inflammatory, which can have a positive effect on aches and pains. For more information and tonic and cough syrup recipe’s, visit: Deep Roots at Home – Elderberry time – making cough syrup and tincture.

*RAW CHEESE ***We are currently out of raw cheese, but you will be able to obtain cheese, keifer, whey, etc. directly from The Swiss Connection, which provides 100% grassfed dairy and meat products without the use of pharmaceuticals, chemicals, antibiotics, or hormones.

**Non-Local Products we are passionate about for health benefits:

*CELTIC SEA SALT from Selina Naturally® – Sea salt is found in the form of fine or coarse grain, and contains more than a 100 minerals. Selina Naturally® Celtic Sea Salt® Brand salt is authentic, unprocessed whole salt from pristine coastal regions. Table salts are mined from the earth with bulldozers & heavy machinery, often resulting in a negative environmental impact. The salt is then iodized, bleached, and diluted with chemical anti-caking agents. The end result is a far cry from naturally pure Celtic Sea Salt® Brand. Selina Naturally® Celtic Sea Salt® is certified organic by Nature and Progres, the highest level of certification allowed. Celtic Sea Salt® Brand is doctor recommended, more nutritious than table salt, quality certified, and has exquisite taste. Use Celtic Sea Salt® Brand for all your cooking and seasoning needs, to enrich the taste of your foods while adding vital nutrients to your diet. *Fine ground @ $11.00 lb, $6.00 ½ lb, $3.00 ¼ lb. ~ Light Grey @ $5.00 lb, $3.00 ½ lb, $2.00 ¼ lb. Light Grey Salt Grinders $7.00

*ORGANIC VIRGIN COCONUT OIL from Wilderness Family Naturals® USDA Certified Organic by ICS. We carry the highest quality Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, in both Centrifuged and Cold Pressed. They are both made from non-hybridized, organic coconuts harvested and processed in the Philippines and Thailand. Centrifuge has a mild taste and can be used in any recipe, whereas Cold Pressed has a stronger coconut flavor and is preferred in candies, popcorn, hot chocolate, and recipes that mesh with coconut flavor. It may be surprising for you to learn that the naturally occurring saturated fat in coconut oil is actually good for you and, while not classified as a medicine, coconut oil provides a number of profound health benefits, such as: Improving your heart health; Boosting your thyroid; Increasing your metabolism; Promoting a lean body and weight loss if needed; Supporting your immune system; Attacks tooth decay; Coconut oil even benefits your skin when applied topically and has been found to have anti-aging, regenerative effects; and much more that can be listed here. This is why we carry Organic Centrifuged and Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil in our market. Do you cook with Coconut Oil or GMO Corn Oil? We sell Organic Centrifuge Coconut Oil: 32 oz @ $23.00 ~ 16 oz @ $15.00; and also Organic Cold Pressed Coconut Oil: 32 oz @ $19.00 ~ 16 oz @ $12.00.

*ORGANIC SESAME SEED OIL from Wilderness Family Naturals® USDA Certified Organic by ICS, and has been inspected by Earth Kosher, a kosher certifying agency in the United States. From Wilderness Family Naturals: “This Organic Unrefined Sesame Seed Oil is minimally processed and has not been toasted or refined. The sesame seeds are grown and pressed right here in the United States. It has an amazing nutty flavor and its light brown color comes from phenolic compounds and lecithin.” 750 ml ~ $15.00


 **Be sure to check back often as our stock rotates.


33 thoughts on “Farm Market on the Apple Family Farm”

  1. I am so hungry after reading this LOL….I need to pay yall a visit and do some shopping!

  2. We need to stop by…we like really fresh eggs better. Also like supporting local farms while getting the quality we would like…no corn or grain fed beef, pork, etc. How much are your eggs?

  3. Sally van Osch said:

    I’d love to feed my family this type of food but it is too expensive! I cannot afford $6.50 a pound for ground beef. You people can shout about eating clean till the cows come home, but until it’s affordable for the average family of 4/5 , we can’t eat it…

  4. when i come in to purchase meat, has it been previously frozen?

  5. This is my first time go to see at here and i am truly pleassant to read
    everthing at one place.

  6. Was looking for raw milk- didn’t see it listed. Do you sell and, if so, how much?

    • Cheryl, our milk info is under the “Cow-Share Info” tab at the top. In the State of Indiana, selling raw milk is illegal. Thank you for searching out healthy ways to grow your family!

  7. Sally van Osch said:

    I fully understand why natural is better. I’ve researched the GMO’s and the chemicals used on crops and in feed. I was a farm wife and raised our own beef, pork and had a huge garden. My son is a “going green” farmer. All I am saying is this; when most people can’t afford to try natural food, how do you expect them to know the difference in how it tastes and feels in their body? How can they know what ‘real food’ is? This is one reason our country will continue to be obese and diabetic. The good for you food is too expensive.
    Thanks for your reply.

    • I beg to differ with those who claim that eating naturally nutritional whole food is “too expensive”. While most tend to take a stance regarding “nutritional benefit” as the single guiding benefit for natural organic foods, there’s a hidden financial benefit when you view the entire picture. Eating naturally initially appears too expensive when you only compare a specific product such as a dozen natural eggs to commercial farm eggs or a pound of natural ground beef to commercially produced ground beef. However, when you decide to eat food in it’s natural untainted form and you eliminate all the tainted or processed foods, what you discover is a host of benefits. Who would believe your grocery bill actually deflates? Shopping becomes a simple task. Your health improves. Your energy levels improve. Genuine comfort and peace of mind settles within you, because you know you’re eating what we were designed to eat, and you’re no longer purchasing food, empty of nutrients. You’re not purchasing junk food or contaminated food. And you actually get more for your money. Compare the average price of a box of crackers to the average price of a summer watermelon. About the same price and the watermelon is packed with nutrients while crackers are not. It’s your choice. Mid-Nov 2008 gas prices were $1.61. Today they average $3.50. People still drive their vehicles.

  8. One last thought… Over all food prices have risen significantly in the past few months. In the case of fruits and vegetables exceeding the former costs of organic produce. Yet people refused to permit a “rise” in organic produce pricing in their budgets, then off-set that increase to a greater degree by eliminating the junk in their diet. Furthermore, a motivated buyer seems to have no trouble finding the “extra” money for the “gadget of the day”, junk food, or the “thing” they can not do without unless that choice partains to nutrition. …the very thing you can not do without. We all know, prolonged malnutrition precipitates disease, yet we don’t place a premium on the value of nutrition. Thank goodness we have the freedom to make choices through thinking. And with our choices, comes the consequences and responsibility for our choices without excuses. (You probably can’t use extreme couponing to pay pennies for your organic food, and what percentage does that anyway?) Bottom line: Food is your medicinal fuel. Next to breathing, water consumption, and sleeping, it’s an activity you will perform daily for the rest of your life.

  9. Lakisha Phillips said:

    Do you accept EBT?

  10. I have been meaning to stop by the market. I see some of the comments about eating naturally is more expensive. My family has been eating organic and non-gmo (not entirely) for the last 6 months and at first it is a greater cost however, just like with the chemical brands you look for sales. We find a lot of stuff that is comparable to the price of other brands. Our food bill has actually has gone down in the last couple of months. We are eating less and we eat at home more. I find that you don’t crave junk when you are eating good food.

  11. Linda Waymon said:

    I can’t wait to come and visit your place. You carry all the things I am interested in living well. Very grateful for the information. Have a very Blessed day!

  12. Do you offer whole, half, and quarter sides of beef? If so – is there a set price or do customers just come in and purchase what you have available at set price? Sorry if I’m unclear, I’ve never purchased a half of a cow before. :-)

    • I’m sorry, we are unable to offer sides. We only raise dairy cows, which do not have the proportions as beef cattle, which produce the steak cuts most people are looking for in a side of beef. Dairy cows do, however, make the best filets, hamburgers, soup bones, flanks, and brisket!

      • Hi. Im researching cattle farms for beef and I came across which led me to believe you raise highland beef cattle but the previous response says you only raise dairy cows. Were you once in the market but no longer are?

      • It seems eatwild is extremely outdated. I believe they were sent an update a few years ago, but must have neglected to change their info. The person who was raising the Scottish Highlands moved off our farm in Jan of ’09. They are now located in Kentucky. We only raise the dairy cattle, mostly Dutch Belted. I apologize for the confusion.

  13. Hi, I have been on the hunt for grass fed beef bones. I didn’t see them listed, do you have prices for said bones. I’d also be interested in lamb bones.

  14. Kellie Kelly said:

    What are your hours? I would like to but hamburger and eggs.

    • Kellie,
      Our hours are listed at the top of this page, and along the sidebar under the map. We have plenty of 100% grassfed ground beef, but our egg supply is in short supply. We are out today but will have more on Tuesday. Thank you!

  15. Do you sell whole,half, or quarter cows?


  16. Do you sell canned vegetables like tomatoes and so forth, thanks

  17. I am soooo glad I found this, We will be in soon! We live in Pendleton.!

  18. Esther said:

    Hi! I’m in Indy and was wondering if you are vendors at any of the farmer’s markets? If not I’ll have to make a trip to see you! :-)

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